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How to become a successful Fashion designer

Fashion is an essential part of everyone’s life and today fashion designing has become one of the most successful industries all over the world. Fashion designing is a large scale well spread industry and without it, most of the functions and events are unable to carry out.

Fashion designing is an art which is beautiful as it is a way of applying different designs and aesthetic beauty to different materials and accessories. There are a large number of creative people who are involved in the fashion designing industry and all of them equally contribute to carry out the perfect outcome of their art. In fashion designing industry, some designers are there to do the drawings and give the initial idea. Some of them proceed with the drawings and apply them to the particular material and do the production process with the help of the necessary machinery and man power.

In fashion designing, the main focus is given to clothing. A fashion designer can turn a piece of cloth into a wonderful art which can be worn at any occasion. Apart from clothing, jewelry, shoes and other beauty accessories are included in fashion designing.

When it comes to fashion designing, there are different types of designing aspects. A designer can do traditional, modern or mixed designing according to the demand or the request of the client. Fashion designing is one of the major parts of the apparel industry as designing is the initial step of creating a garment. Today there are a lot of fashion designers in the world who earn millions of money and they are so demanded for almost every field such as apparel, music and movies etc.

To be a successful fashion designer, you should initially have an academic qualification from a recognized fashion designing institution. But being academically qualified would not make you a successful fashion designer if you are not a talented in drawing, sewing and if you are not creative. If you can think out of the box, if you can sketch down what is in your mind and if you can take a piece of cloth and sew what you have drawn, you can keep the first step to be a fashion designer.

There are plenty of fashion designers out there. So you need to have a unique talent to be highlighted among them. Learning about fabrics, different sewing patterns, world trends in fashion designing should be done to be a successful designer. Even if you are academically qualified and talented, still you can do many things on your own to improve your talents like watching sewing tutorials on the interne.

Time management, key to success

Time is the most precious thing that cannot be dragged back once gone. Working on time, meeting deadlines are certain skills that you need to have in today’s world. Time management is a very good habit as well as a skill that will make you stress free and help lead a happy and healthy life style.

Time management is basically how to organize and plan your work according to the available time. It is a process of dividing the available time between the activities that you are supposed to undertake. Time management will make you have a smarter life style as it is a very important and useful thing that we can practice in our day today busy life. If you manage time well, you don’t need to work hard and be stressed because you organize everything well and there won’t be any room for last moment work.

Proper time management will reward you with higher efficiency and productivity in both professional life and personal life and it enables you to have a good professional recognition. Further, it will increase the opportunities for the betterment of your professional development and career goals. If you will not manage time well, it will result in negative out comes such as inability to meet deadlines, inefficiency, failure in professional life, less work quality etc.

To manage time, the best thing is to follow a time table every day. Following a time table does not mean that you are restricted to a strict time line to do your daily work but it will help you to keep everything well planned and organized. You don’t need to have a time table on your wall, but you can have it in your mind and follow it. Waking up early in the morning is one good tip that would help make the best out of your time. When you wake up in the morning, you can have more time to get your work done. If you wake up early, you can do exercises and have your breakfast leisurely. Most importantly you can reach your working place on time without being rushed.

Wasting time is one bad habit that you should always avoid. Sometimes people waste time by being engaged in unnecessary leisure time activities which is meaningless.  So the best thing is to find meaningful activities that will nourish your intelligence or increase your physical fitness. If you observe the life stories of world famous successful people, you would definitely understand that their stories are so successful because they have managed time well.

Fashion, an essential part of every one’s life

Fashion is the most powerful art that comes in millions of ways everywhere in the world every day. Without fashion, the world would definitely be so dull and dry. From an ordinary man to a top class musician or celebrity fashion is something that they deal with every day in different doses. While celebrities are highly concerned about what they wear, an ordinary man every morning thinks what to wear for work. Therefore either willingly or unwillingly every human being deals with fashion as it has become an essential part of their lives.

Fashion does change every day. We are continuously being influenced by a huge variety of fashion ideas that come from different corners of the world from different sources such as books, magazines, music videos, movies, TV series, modeling shows etc. certain fashion trends spread throughout the world over night and become the world-wide trend while some fashions are attracted by a certain class of people in certain countries. However all fashions cannot be absorbed to all societies due to weather factors and cultural limits.

Some fashions are totally based on one celebrity and the entire world loves that personality and people tend to follow his or her fashions. Some classic examples are Elvis Presley back in 1950s and Michael Jackson in the recent past. However the celebrities have their popularity for some time and then new people pop up and the fashions too changes accordingly. Not only musicians and actors or actresses, but also politicians and world leaders make a huge influence on peoples’ fashion desires as they automatically become the cultural icons. All these happen just because the press keeps on reporting and advertising the fashion trends. They daily make people aware of what the latest trends are and what are being worn by the popular personalities.


In today’s world, fashion industry has become one of the most popular businesses despite of the country or the region. Those who are involved in the industry do market the traditionalism of a particular nation blended with modernity which creates successful out comes. Today, in every city of any country you can find plenty of fashion designers who are creative and qualified. Some of them are joined with the apparel industry while others do have their own businesses.

There is one set of people who never chases the contemporary trend as they have their own style and they call it their fashion. However being adjusted to the weather and cultural factors is the main thing that you should consider when choosing fashions. Therefore whatever the fashion that spreads all over the world, you can have your own taste of fashion.

Picking the right dress

Every morning in front of the mirror all of us wonder what to wear today. We wonder what to wear not because we don’t have sufficient clothes but we think twice before wearing one as if suits our looks well. In this case, women do stress more compared to men. Every woman go through a huge struggle as they are confused what to wear whenever they are supposed to go somewhere. Therefore everybody should carefully observe and pick the right dress for the right place.

Honestly every woman would love to change certain things about her body if a chance given. Even though there are modern ways of changing bodies, they create harmful side effects and majority of women are not in a position to afford for those cosmetic things. So the best thing is fitting into a body flattering fashionable dress that will make you look prettier than you actually are. But how to pick that dress is the problem.

There is a saying that “there is no perfect figure and there is no perfect size”. It depends on the attitude of different people. Some think that they need a perfect figure to be beautiful but others think size doesn’t matter if you wear the perfect dress. When you look for the best dress for you, you should think about the shape of your body. If you are a tall thin person, if you want to look a little full, you should always go for puffy looking dresses and if you are a broad person you should go for dark coloured structured dresses made of thin material. To avoid making your arms look fuller, you should avoid sleeveless and cap-sleeved dresses and always go for billowy, three quarter or bell sleeved dresses that will reduce the size of your arms.

If you have an apple-shaped body with a thick middle part you should try to look thinner and go for dresses that are drop waist and do not wear belts that are thick as they will make you look bigger. If you are a short person, always wear something that will make you taller. One good solution is to wear vertical striped dresses as they will make you look taller. If you are too tall, you can go for horizontal striped dresses and dresses that are up to knee length.

Whatever the body that you have, it is an asset for you. So do not worry about your body but go for the perfect dress that will make you look elegant and pretty.

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle means a life style that helps keep you healthy physically, mentally and socially. Therefore eating healthy and doing exercises would not offer you so called “healthy life style” if you are not healthy and happy mentally and socially.

To have a physically healthy life, definitely you need to be disease free and even if you have certain illnesses, you can control it by consuming correct food and following the medication properly. Exercising is one major part of a healthy life. Because you need to burn the calories you consume. Every day you should do exercises at least for 30 minutes as it will help increase your blood circulation and burn unnecessary calories that you have consumed.

Balanced diet is something that you know from your primary school and still you are confused what to eat. A balanced diet means a meal that contains all the necessary nutrients in necessary portions. When you are having a balanced diet, you need to reduce the carbs and increase proteins and vitamins. To make you full for longer you can have a lot of vegetables and fruits and you can go for nuts and grains as much as possible.  To be healthy, you need to cut off all the unnecessary junk food that you have here and there. Junk foods add a large number of empty calories that make you fat and make you vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol.

To have a mentally healthy life, first you need to get rid of stress. To get rid of stress, you should remove the causes for your stress. Being well organized, neat and responsible would make you do your work properly and you would not be stressed over them as you could complete the work assigned to you on time. In your personal life, always try to get rid of people who are negative and make you unhappy. Find a life partner who is understanding and lovable. Give priority to your family life than your social life. Be engaged in extra activities such as sports, meditation, yoga, hiking and travelling.

A healthy person is always a social person. So to be healthy, you should be a friendly, kind, helpful and understanding person who is a good team player. You cannot have attitudes towards others and you can’t have ego to be a social person. A selfish person will never turn out to be socially accepted and when you do not have a social life, you will not be a happy person. So to be a socially healthy person, always be attractive and pleasant that other will love to have your company.