Picking the right dress

Every morning in front of the mirror all of us wonder what to wear today. We wonder what to wear not because we don’t have sufficient clothes but we think twice before wearing one as if suits our looks well. In this case, women do stress more compared to men. Every woman go through a huge struggle as they are confused what to wear whenever they are supposed to go somewhere. Therefore everybody should carefully observe and pick the right dress for the right place.

Honestly every woman would love to change certain things about her body if a chance given. Even though there are modern ways of changing bodies, they create harmful side effects and majority of women are not in a position to afford for those cosmetic things. So the best thing is fitting into a body flattering fashionable dress that will make you look prettier than you actually are. But how to pick that dress is the problem.

There is a saying that “there is no perfect figure and there is no perfect size”. It depends on the attitude of different people. Some think that they need a perfect figure to be beautiful but others think size doesn’t matter if you wear the perfect dress. When you look for the best dress for you, you should think about the shape of your body. If you are a tall thin person, if you want to look a little full, you should always go for puffy looking dresses and if you are a broad person you should go for dark coloured structured dresses made of thin material. To avoid making your arms look fuller, you should avoid sleeveless and cap-sleeved dresses and always go for billowy, three quarter or bell sleeved dresses that will reduce the size of your arms.

If you have an apple-shaped body with a thick middle part you should try to look thinner and go for dresses that are drop waist and do not wear belts that are thick as they will make you look bigger. If you are a short person, always wear something that will make you taller. One good solution is to wear vertical striped dresses as they will make you look taller. If you are too tall, you can go for horizontal striped dresses and dresses that are up to knee length.

Whatever the body that you have, it is an asset for you. So do not worry about your body but go for the perfect dress that will make you look elegant and pretty.

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